Vampire's Seduction - Tasha Scott

Vampire's Seduction

Von Tasha Scott

  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2015-03-04
  • Genre: Übersinnliches


Anca Marius had her whole life planned ahead of her.  Then, a double tragedy strikes and both her parents die.  Despondent, yet somehow driven with a powerful inner energy force, she is compelled to leave college behind.  She starts on a trek to find a new home, a quiet place with no memories; nothing to remind her of the isolation which lies ahead as she faces her life alone.  She lands in a small town off the grid. A town with a history of wild events that puts the colored lights in a kaleidoscope to shame… 

Two mysterious men enter her life, both of them holding a surreptitious secret about her life, but also with their own secrets which are quickly exposed.  Both men, Emil Marii and Gunner Laenas-Sulla are vampires inhabiting the town of Lompoc.

When Anca comes to town it ignites a blaze in both men, which becomes an inferno of passion.  The intensity of their fervor mounts when witches and wizards also vie for her attention, but for a sordid, wicked goal!  Without warning, Anca is plunged into a tempestuous tale of murder, mayhem, and becomes the epicenter of a love triangle, while witches, warlocks, wizards, and shapeshifters concentrate on their own venal reasons for craving Anca.