Beauty and the Earl (Book 2 Kazanov Series) - Patricia Grasso

Beauty and the Earl (Book 2 Kazanov Series)

Von Patricia Grasso

  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2014-07-01
  • Genre: Historisch


A princess in danger . . . 

Princess Amber Kazanov needs a husband. She flees her native Russia and takes refuge in England with her cousin Prince Rudolf Kazanov and his English wife. Prince Rudolf knows only one man who has the power and strength to protect his cousin. Arriving with Amber at the Earl of Stratford's home, Rudolf makes the earl an outrageous proposition. 

A broken man grieving for his dead wife . . . 

Miles Montgomery, the Earl of Stratford, wants to be left alone. Since losing his beloved wife in a fire, Miles has sat in the dark and waited for his own death. Until the day a beautiful princess walks into his home seeking marriage and the protection of his name. Amber's beauty attracts Miles, but her courageous heart shakes him to his core. 

Drawn to Miles, Princess Amber sees beneath his masked scars and gruff exterior. Her love persuades him to push his bitterness aside and truly live and love again. Can Miles keep his wife safe when her enemies arrive in England? Or will his past return to haunt them?