First Call - Kary English

First Call

Von Kary English

  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2013-07-03
  • Genre: Kurzgeschichten


An ancient cataclysm. A mystical order. And a little girl with a kitten.

Ailsa Farthane tried to keep her truth-sight a secret, but no one can keep a secret from the Judicars. Now two of them have arrived in Ailsa's village, and they want to take her away to become a Judicar herself.

If Ailsa goes with them, she will have to leave her parents, her only friend and her treasured orange kitten behind. Though she's just eight years old, Ailsa knows three things about Judicars: they can see the Truth, they never lie, and their magic is older than the mountains that guard her country's borders.

FIRST CALL is classic high fantasy set in a world where secrets hold power and Truth can be wielded like a weapon.

Length: short story, 5,100 words (25 pages), plus a short novel excerpt
Genre: fantasy, action & adventure, coming of age
Market: written for adults but YA-friendly (no sex, no swearing)