Image Processing and Analysis - Georgy Gimel'farb & Patrice Delmas

Image Processing and Analysis

Von Georgy Gimel'farb & Patrice Delmas

  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2018-08-24
  • Genre: Computer


This textbook guides readers through their first steps into the challenging world of mimicking human vision with computational tools and techniques pertaining to the field of image processing and analysis. While today's theoretical and applied processing and analysis of images meet with challenging and complex problems, this primer is confined to a much simpler, albeit critical, collection of image-to-image transformations, including image normalisation, enhancement, and filtering.

It serves as an introduction to beginners, a refresher for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as engineers and computer scientists confronted with a problem to solve in computer vision. The book covers basic image processing/computer vision pipeline techniques, which are widely used in today's computer vision, computer graphics, and image processing, giving the readers enough knowledge to successfully tackle a wide range of applied problems.

Contents: PrefaceAbout the AuthorsContinuous and Digital ImagesTransforming AppearanceFiltering to Denoise or EnhanceFiltering to SegmentMorphological FilteringDeforming Boundaries to SegmentFiltering to Find Points-of-InterestTransforming Image PlaneSpectra and Spectral FilteringAppendices:Further ReadingSymbols and Math NotationAbbreviationsBibliographyIndex
Readership: Advanced undergraduates and graduate students in science, engineering, environmental science, life sciences/biology and medicine. Engineers and scientists in need of a refresher or an introduction to image processing/computer vision.
Key Features:Written for beginners as introduction to image processing covering noices filtering, segmentation, and image transformationSupported with a wide range of case examples, demonstrate how computer pipeline techniques are used to solve the problems