Sumi-E - Sumiko Knudsen


Von Sumiko Knudsen

  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2018-04-25
  • Genre: Kunst und Architektur


"Sumi-E" is composed of the words "Sumi", which means "black ink", and "E", which means "picture". Sumi-e is thus a Japanese art, where the pictures are painted with black ink.

Sumi-e was brought to Japan by Zen priests in the 13th century and is closely connected to the philosophy of Zen Buddhism. In Zen, truth can be expressed in a single word after hours of meditation, and similarly Sumi-e use a few, highly expressive brush strokes.

This book tells you how to use Japanese brush, how to use water and ink on brush, how to begin painting flowers, trees, birds, animals and landscapes, etc.

This book shows brush technique for many different flowers trees, birds, cranes, herons, mountains, waterfalls, clouds, etc.

This book is for Sumi-e beginner and experienced.